Tenant problems

Tenant problems do arise as part of being a landlord. If you have an agent managing the property for you then they can deal with this in the most part. However at some stage you might need to get involved. Especially if it involves damage to your property or loss of rent income.

The removal of the tenant is possible but it goes take time and you have to go down a legal route generally in ordrer to be on the right side of the law. The law allows for many other reasons to obtain possession back, including the landlord simply just wants the property back and without need for giving a particular reason.

Gaining possession of a rented property is another subject in its own right and worthy of a book in itself,  just accept for now that this can be done although we are not covering how it is done right now. However, in terms of timescales, this can still take at least several months although normally less than half a year, even if the tenant puts up some resistance and does not leave, even when told to leave by the Court.

If you need any specific help on this in future, there are some specialists in this area offering their services for a price. You can also get advice from solicitors on these matters, but again at significant cost. However, in the past I have managed to deal with nearly all my issues using the advice line from the Residential Landlords Association.

If you are not a member of this association then you can join for a very reasonable fee payable each year.

Also, you can have a discount by using their special offer code QUZ-429.

Click here to access the RLA website and apply for membership at a discount if that is of interest to you. It has been a great service to me and extremely good value for money over the years I have used their website and advice line service.