Sometimes you get comments in the Mortgage Valuation report where there are potential issues that they want assessing professionally before they will confirm the valuation, such as dry rot and excessive levels of rising or penetrating damp or even the presence of asbestos. There are many other issues that could need such further investigation, this will depend on the property type, age, and condition. Normally you will need a professional surveyor to do this and any of the other work mentioned below.


Local building surveyors will be able to do these reports for you normally at reasonable cost. It is a cost that you hope you won’t have to pay of course but in any case it is likely to be of the order of only several hundreds of pounds. You should be able to find a local surveyor who can carry out the work requested in the report. However just in case you are having trouble and need such a service, see the book companion website for up-to-date recommended links at the web page.


If you are not mortgaging the property right from the outset of purchase, it makes sense to get an independent Registered Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) valuer in to give you an assessment. Most importantly get them to provide you with a reinstatement value. This reinstatement value on the buildings insurance would be required to be correct if the property was to suffer a major catastrophe and need rebuilding.


It also is important however to realise that if you really want a detailed assessment of the true condition of a property to be purchased, you will at least need to have a separate survey done, which is at least at the level of what is termed a Homebuyer Report, previously known as a Homebuyer’s Survey. For a more in depth survey, and more expensive one, you can get a Building Survey done, this was previously known as a Structural Survey. Both of these types of surveys have to be carried out by a RICS qualified surveyor and so done to a professional standard.


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