Property Investor Pro Programme

Discover The Previously Hidden Insider Secrets To Creating Real Wealth From Property Investing

Here I am relaxing… straight after sealing the latest property and finance deal, this time by phone whilst on holiday in the Bahamas (No or Low Money Down creative financing of property deals is as easy as 1-2-3 when you know how!).

“I’ve been using this information this for years but now I’m revealing everything…


…including the secrets to building your own successful UK Property Empire. And even doing it with none of your own money left in… and very little (if any) of your own money put in to start with!”


Dear Property Investor (or even Budding Property Investor!)…


Don’t think buy-to-let (BTL) lenders and mortgage brokers will tell you everything… I have found out very many important things you should know… however, these NEVER came from mortgage brokers and lenders… but instead from well over a decade of experience in using mortgages to 100% pay for ALL my properties.


The information that you can get for free from most BTL brokers and lenders is just about worth exactly what you pay for it! But, the information you get from years of experience is invaluable… it saves you many many more thousands of pounds in reduced fees and lower interest payments.


I pride myself on being the UK’s Top Publisher of an experienced investor’s angle on BTL Property Investment Finance, to make you the most money using cheap mortgage finance to build you property empire. And even have your ALL YOUR properties 100% financed by the lenders!


I currently own 40 investment properties and each one is fully financed by mortgage lender finance. The estimate total value of my property portfolio is currently just over the £3.5 Million mark, and I now have people that work full-time to keep my properties ticking over with new tenants.


I write this as someone who needed mortgages in order to invest in property. In fact, I had only £5000 in the bank, which was not enough to start out in buy-to-let (BTL). However, by using CHEAP mortgage money, I have been able to go on to buy these 40 properties in little over a decade.


So are you considering taking your stake in the booming Buy To Let property market, but not exactly sure how to get started without the risk of making a huge financial mistake?


Or you want to start investing in property right now but don’t have the initial deposit money to do it with? (You will be surprised to find out how easily you can get that money!)


Perhaps you already have an established property portfolio, but would like to squeeze much more cash from your investments


Does this sound anything like you?


If so, I am sure you will be very interested to find out what I’m about to reveal to you. Please read on…


Well, whatever stage you’re at with property investing, if you need to use investment finance (and most people do!), what I have here for you WILL definitely help you to both SAVE, and MAKE you significant amounts of money.


When I was first teetering on the brink of making one of the most important decisions of my life… I was so naïve, it now makes me shudder. Even though I thought I had mentally prepared myself for what I was about to embark on, in all reality it was quite terrifying.


Well let’s face it, taking on big mortgage commitments for property investment, in the pure hope I could make an easy living from my investments, was a huge gamble.


But, looking back, it has proved to be the most sensible and the most profitable decision of my life.


Who am I?


Hi, I’m the published UK property investment author Peter J How, and within the next few minutes I’d like to explain how you can benefit from my many years’ of experience as a very successful Buy To Let property investor.  


I am officially in the fraction of one percent of all landlords, with the amount of properties I have been able to add to my portfolio. And all the interest on all the property finance I have taken out is more than paid for every month by my property rental income alone.


I literally started with NOTHING


Well only £5000 actually, which is just about gets you nothing in the world of property investment! However, I used pretty much 100% property financing to pay the way for me to build a sizeable continuous, cash-flowing portfolio.


Yes, in the beginning it was all a bit of a scary experience, perhaps because I was prepared to hit the ground running, even with very little financial backing. Maybe it’s the same for you, and you could be experiencing that right now, or at least imagine what it might be like…


Even if you are lucky enough to have money to invest, most investors prefer to gear up with mortgage borrowing and release all their money back to themselves as soon as they can… to reinvest it again and again!


Back to me though… Once I became totally committed to running my property investments like a business, I began to learn many very useful and profitable tips and tricks that helped me along the way.


Today, much has changed in the BTL Market


So much has changed in the market since when I first started. However, over the years I have kept up my quest for more information about the ever-changing property market and joined several groups of like-minded people, from which I have learned some very closely guarded secrets.


I think because not having many property mentors or courses available as such, in those early days, I was compelled to find out as much as I could. I’m one of those impatient types of people who never rest until they find answers to questions and solutions to problems.


I’ve always been that way and it has definitely helped me to make a success of my investing, which is, as you can imagine, now becoming a full-time career.


Actually, I am NOW retiring from the day job that I really love, because I can and life is too short to keep working for a living, not matter how much you might enjoy it! I would have retired much earlier if I didn’t enjoy my working at my day job so much.


Am I still passionate about Buy To Let?


Yes I am!


That is because it has provided me with a very comfortable living and will help me continue with that into future retirement… and it can do the same for you.


The additional income will help you to enjoy more and better quality time with your family and friends. Enable you to pay others to do the jobs you don’t want to do in life, to make life so much easier for you. Just compare that quality of life to those just living from payday to payday!


And believe me, even some so-called property investors are still doing just that! Get it wrong and it is not an easy path when you take on additional and potentially burdensome financial commitments. Believe me… I should know!


But shouldn’t I just rely on my mortgage adviser?


Well I always say you should consult a mortgage adviser. But there are advisers and there are advisers! You need to know who the right advisers to use are, and who to trust. And even when you use the right ones you’ll still need to be on your guard.


Why would I say that? Because no-one is as interested in you getting the best possible deal as you are… not even your adviser, no matter how well intentioned they appear to be. Believe me… I have been through enough to know this is true!


Remember also that mainstream BTL lending is currently an unregulated market, there is nobody to go running to if things go wrong!


I remember a dear friend, who was new to mortgages, told me what advice they had got for a mortgage. It seemed a fair deal and, of course, the broker would get a fair commission for it.


However, I quickly checked this out and found another MUCH BETTER mortgage available on-line, but they didn’t pay broker commissions… funnily enough! I hope that illustrates just one aspect to watch out for in this area.


It is very much a case of buyer beware! And there is a lot of money at stake to beware of!


So YOU need to make sure YOU get the right deals! I got it wrong to start with, but, because of that, I learned very quickly indeed! (There was very little property information, let alone property courses available, back when I first started out… THESE COURSES DO NOT GIVE YOU THE INFORMATION I AM ABOUT TO PRESENT TO YOU.)


Another very beneficial by-product of KNOWING HOW to use buy to let mortgages well, is that it forces you to get into only the very best property deals.


If you use mortgage loans badly, you can easily take on some very bad property deals and get stuck with those properties, even losing money when you should be making money!


I have seen many examples where others are in this exact situation, and the way out is not always easy, at least not without taking a significant financial hit!


However, in just a moment, I’ll explain how, whether you’re a complete novice or a full-time property investor, you can make more money from your property investments by managing your investment property finance better, just as I do… but first…


It’s question time…


I just want to ask you a simple question…


Would you like to make and save more money?


Of course you would, but it’s not always that easy when it comes to property investing. And not as easy as many make it out to be.


I mean, rental values and the market in general will often dictate what you can reasonably charge your tenants. No matter what area of the rental market you are in, there is an upper limit.


So, let’s look at the other side of the coin, so to speak…


Saving money is as good as making money, don’t you agree?


If you could save a bundle on your monthly outgoings, then it would just be like making more money, simply because you will be able to keep more money in your pocket… right?


Well, that’s exactly what I’ve been legally doing for years and that’s one major reason why my property investment business is so successful.


More successful in this area than many other investors I know.


In fact, I became so efficient at saving this money, I was getting lots of enquiries from other investors, when they were struggling to keep up with their mortgage payments.


It was then that I realised I was pretty much at the top of my game in this area. And what do many successful people do when they reach a certain level in their career?


They write a book about their success… And that’s exactly what I did!


In my Best Selling book on AMAZON, “All About Buy To Let Mortgages”, I explain all the basics of how Buy To Let mortgage loans work and what you should look out for.


If you haven’t already got a copy you can find out more information right here



Needless to say, the book (NOW AVAILABLE IN AUDIBLE FORMAT) is still selling very well and is extremely useful to have as a reference, as well as a good read to get more background into this area of property finance. However, since I wrote the book, I have now also disclosed more insider-secrets on how to quickly save or make very large amounts of money in property investment. Often, very quickly.


This is information that can save and make you SERIOUS MONEY… And I mean exactly that… you can literally save thousands and thousands of pounds with this information!



Loopholes everywhere…


A loophole is most simply defined as the failure of a system to account for all conditions, variables, or exceptions. So it is about picking up on these, which work to our benefit, and then setting about exploiting them to our financial advantage.


You see, the ground rules relating to BTL, and financing BTL, seem to be forever changing, but that doesn’t mean it’s no longer a viable proposition for investment.


Quite the opposite… Because every time new legislation is passed or another rule comes into force relating to property rental… another loophole or opportunity appears.


You simply need to know where to look and what to look for. Remember I told you I’m a stickler for finding answers to questions and solutions to problems…


Well, I’m forever finding them, and because of this, I’m able to cream off the absolute maximum return for every mortgaged property I have.


Valuable information…


Okay, I did say I was going to tell you more about how to make more from your property investments, just as I do… so here goes…


Now just to be clear, what I have put together here is real “insider information” that you are NOT going to find anywhere else.


These publications themselves are ONLY AVAILABLE HERE, they will not be for sale anywhere else. The book I wrote might be on Amazon, but not these Special Modules of insider-information.


Just as you don’t find those putting on the expensive Property Courses selling their property ‘secrets’ on Amazon and in bookshops either! The books they write are just ‘tasters’ to get you interested in what they are wanting to sell to you.


In fact, I’m certain you will not be able to find this information anywhere else because anyone who does know about all of this will obviously keep it to themselves.


So why am I making it available?


Well, one reason is because I KNOW many people Simply Don’t Understand how to easily get the best from Mortgages and get taken advantage of by the lenders… and I don’t want YOU be one of them!


Another reason is, I have done very well from property over the years and if you have taken the major decision to invest then I would like to see you succeed, as I have done. I also have time to do this now as I am retiring from my day job, remember?

I have dedicated much of my time to this project over the past few years and needless to say it contains some pretty hot stuff.



Nothing else like it anywhere…


The course is called the Property Investor ProTM Programme, and consists of 2 distinctive modules, each with several hard-hitting summary documents of key information.


This is not a typical property training course but a money-saving and money-making course, concerning maximising your returns from your own property investments, by reducing your highest cost item… your finance costs, amongst other things.


These are the very latest money saving tips that could literally save you a fortune in outgoings every month, and which can swell your income beyond anything you might have ever imagined.


Hardly anyone in the property investment business knows all about of these little golden nuggets… Maybe just the ‘Pros’, those truly worth of the role and title of ‘property mentor’ (not one of the many ‘pretenders’ you see today on social media… just the ones that have been doing it for years… just like I have been!)


So I have painstakingly put together this whole series of information and advice in the form of quick tips, many of which can be acted upon almost immediately.


In the First Part, which is entitled BTL Mortgages Money Saver, Accelerator Module, is for those who are serious about saving large amounts of cash quickly, when using buy-to-let mortgages.


You’ll learn some very useful tips, which could easily save you many £1000’s including…

Volume #1

BTL Mortgages Money Saver, Accelerator Module.

  • Money Saver Tip #1: Money Transfer Costs
  • Money Saver Tip #2: Mortgage Valuation Failure
  • Money Saver Tip #3: RICS Survey Charges
  • Money Saver Tip #4: Minimum Fee on Arrangement Fees
  • Money Saver Tip #5: Negotiating on Intermediary Fees
  • Money Saver Tip #6: Specialist Survey Reports
  • Money Saver Tip #7: End of the Initial Benefit Period
  • Money Saver Tip #8: Remortgage Decision Making
  • Money Saver Tip #9: Repossessed Property Purchases
  • Money Saver Tip #10: Lending Decisions in Principle
  • Money Saver Tip #11: Intermediary Fee Structures
  • Money Saver Tip #12: Interest Calculation Periods




These special insider tips start by showing you how to quickly save hundreds of pounds and moving on to some that could save you many thousands.




In Volume Two of the Accelerator Module, you could potentially save many more thousands of pounds.


In this Volume you’ll find powerful information you are very unlikely to find anywhere else including…

Volume #2

BTL Mortgages Money Saver, Accelerator Module.

  • Money Saver Tip #13: Using Surplus Cash
  • Money Saver Tip #14: Over-committing to a Lender
  • Money Saver Tip #15: Solicitor and Surveyor Issues
  • Money Saver Tip #16: Property Yield Figure
  • Money Saver Tip #17: Negotiating at Rate Reversion
  • Money Saver Tip #18: Paying Mortgage Arrangement Fees
  • Money Saver Tip #19: Reduction in Lender Fees
  • Money Saver Tip #20: Mortgage Portability
  • Money Saver Tip #21: Property Survey Findings
  • Money Saver Tip #22: Diligently Comparing Mortgage Deals
  • Money Saver Tip #23: Details of Mortgage Deals
  • Money Saver Tip #24: Understanding Financial Features


That’s already 24 valuable tips worth their weight in gold.


And, once again, these lucrative tips could save you many more thousands of pounds. That’s money in your pocket and not in your lender’s pocket!


And we don’t stop there…


In Volume Three of the Accelerator Module you’ll find another 12 money saving tips that will have you smiling from ear-to-ear with so much more cash to spare.



Included in Volume Three is…

Volume #3

BTL Mortgages Money Saver, Accelerator Module.

  • Money Saver Tip #25: Using Choice to Your Advantage
  • Money Saver Tip #26: Decreasing the LTV
  • Money Saver Tip #27: Avoiding Extended Tie-ins
  • Money Saver Tip #28: Comparing Up-front Fees True Costs
  • Money Saver Tip #29: Accounting for Reversion Rates
  • Money Saver Tip #30: Offer Periods and Reversion Rates
  • Money Saver Tip #31: Acting Quickly with Attractive Deals
  • Money Saver Tip #32: APRC Comparisons
  • Money Saver Tip #33: Mortgage Product Transfers
  • Money Saver Tip #34: Negotiating with Your Present Lender
  • Money Saver Tip #35: Recommendations to Remortgage
  • Money Saver Tip #36: Taking Further Advances on Loans


And yes… once again these invaluable tips could save you many more thousands of pounds.


So, there you have it, I have created for you the BTL Mortgages Money Saver, Accelerator Module, consisting of 3 Volumes each with 12 highly valuable money saving tips.


Does it get any better than this?


Yes it does!



There’s much more…


Remember, I don’t do things by halves.


I always dig deep to uncover every little snippet of valuable advice and information that can be used to either save money or make money in my property investment business.


And I’ve spent a lot of my precious time putting this all together so investors like you can benefit from my hard work.


I wish I had access to all this information when I was just starting out. I could have saved tens of thousands, and in fact, over the years, quite possibly even hundreds of thousands.


Okay, stay with me because I want to let you know about the second part of this very special Property Investor ProTM Programme…



Part Two is entitled BTL Mortgages Mastery, Kickstarter Module.


This unique package of investor training consists of 4 Volumes, aimed at showing you:


  • How to raise deposit funds to get started (or buy more).
  • How to recycle your investment capital most effectively.
  • How to get the best from the present taxation system.
  • How to most effectively protect your business using basic and special insurances.


In Volume One you can expect to find…

Volume #1

BTL Mortgages Mastery, Kickstarter Module.

  • Kickstarter Tip #1: Sources of Deposit Money
  • Kickstarter Tip #2: Funding the Deposit from Savings
  • Kickstarter Tip #3: Joint Venturing
  • Kickstarter Tip #4: Gifted Deposits
  • Kickstarter Tip #5: Equity Release
  • Kickstarter Tip #6: Secured Loans
  • Kickstarter Tip #7: Pension Funds
  • Kickstarter Tip #8: Insurance and Savings Policy Funds
  • Kickstarter Tip #9: Stocks and Shares
  • Kickstarter Tip #10: Flexible Residential Mortgages
  • Kickstarter Tip #11: Recycling Investment Money Concept
  • Kickstarter Tip #12: Understanding Equity Release


As you can see from the contents of Volume #1, this is much more in-depth and is designed to get you right to the top of your game.


These tips can save you many hours of your valuable time and effort even researching these areas, because they include shortcuts and quick and simple explanations, which are easy to understand.


In Volume Two, we get even more involved…

Volume #2

BTL Mortgages Mastery, Kickstarter Module.

  • Kickstarter Tip #13: Understanding NMD Versus NMLI
  • Kickstarter Tip #14: Buying Below Market Value
  • Kickstarter Tip #15: Understanding the Six Month Rule
  • Kickstarter Tip #16: Mortgage Finance Costs
  • Kickstarter Tip #17: Buying for Cash, then Remortgaging
  • Kickstarter Tip #18: Other Uses for Your Remortgage Money
  • Kickstarter Tip #19: Taking a Further Advance
  • Kickstarter Tip #20: Maximising Rental Value at Refinancing
  • Kickstarter Tip #21: Buying with a Refurbishment Mortgage
  • Kickstarter Tip #22: Property Tax Information Specialism
  • Kickstarter Tip #23: Understanding the Basics of Property Tax
  • Kickstarter Tip #24: Minimising Your Property Taxes


Now we’re really motoring!


These short tips are an investor course in themselves, only they are conveniently condensed into simple actionable steps.


And it doesn’t even stop there…

Volume #3

BTL Mortgages Mastery, Kickstarter Module.

  • Kickstarter Tip #25: Your Accounting Practices
  • Kickstarter Tip #26: Mortgage Interest Tax Relief Changes
  • Kickstarter Tip #27: Managing Mortgage Affordability Issues
  • Kickstarter Tip #28: Tax Relief Changes Affecting Refinancing
  • Kickstarter Tip #29: Creative Solutions to Interest Relief Issues
  • Kickstarter Tip #30: Reduction in Tax Relief on Other Finance Costs
  • Kickstarter Tip #31: The Furnished Holiday Lets Exception
  • Kickstarter Tip #32: The Property Trading Exception
  • Kickstarter Tip #33: Borrowing Costs Eligible for Tax Relief
  • Kickstarter Tip #34: Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT)
  • Kickstarter Tip #35: Taking Professional Tax Advice
  • Kickstarter Tip #36: HMRC Investigation Insurance


I’m sure you’re beginning to see why this whole course is appropriately called the Property Investor ProTM Programme.


I don’t leave anything out. I’ve written this course so others, just like you, can totally benefit from my knowledge and experience of many years of property investing.


In the final volume of the BTL Mortgages Mastery, Kickstarter Module. I’ve included…

Volume #4

BTL Mortgages Mastery, Kickstarter Module.

  • Kickstarter Tip #37: Buildings Insurance Cover
  • Kickstarter Tip #38: Getting the Correct Insurance Start Date
  • Kickstarter Tip #39: Lender Insurance Recommendation Response
  • Kickstarter Tip #40: Choosing the Best Insurance Policy
  • Kickstarter Tip #41: Avoiding Insurance Cover Restrictions
  • Kickstarter Tip #42: Managing Changes of Circumstances
  • Kickstarter Tip #43: Taking Out a Block Policy
  • Kickstarter Tip #44: Remembering to Renew
  • Kickstarter Tip #45: Confirming the First Letting
  • Kickstarter Tip #46: Spreading the Insurance Premium Payment
  • Kickstarter Tip #47: Amount Covered and Extent of Cover
  • Kickstarter Tip #48: Your Premium Change after a Payout


This really is one serious property investor’s course, but it is designed to be easily understood and easy to follow, and very easy to implement.


If you already have a property portfolio, this course could be the most valuable set of reference documents you could ever own. What’s more, these documents are available to you wherever you are by download to your device or access from the website at any time.


And if you’re a complete newbie to property investing… there’s not much else you will ever need to get started with total confidence. Unlike me, all those years ago who had to go through worry and stress levels I don’t want to ever have again, even though I came back fighting!


Okay, so anyway, you can see I’ve put together a phenomenal amount of valuable information to help anyone involved in property investing, whatever level they may be at right now.

So what am I offering you here? Well, I want you to consider this offer…


That is if you want to become a really savvy investor, with your finger on the pulse, and with insider knowledge that many other investors will never have… then you owe it to yourself to consider this…



An offer you surely cannot refuse…


This whole 2-Part property investor course is realistically commercially valued at around £1,997 to £2,997.


I know this because that’s the normal going rate for attending a typical UK professional-level property investment course to access their insider information. However, many of these courses don’t even reveal half of this specialist information.


However, based on how much money this information could save you, even at that price of between £1,997 to £2,997, it should still be a no brainer bargain purchase. If you are active in BTL, then you are going to be SURE to get MANY TIMES your money back with this information.


But, I know it might still may seem like a silly outlay of money to many people (especially those new to property investing). Well, because I have a very genuine and personal reason for wanting you to have this course, which I will divulge a little later, I need to do much better than this, I know…


Anyway, after much thought, I decided I should start out with a special introductory price.


So here is my (crazy) offer…


Accounting for all the work that has gone into this project, expenses in publication and marketing etc… I think it will be an absolute give-away at a single investment of £568.


To put this in context, this is only around the total charges a good Mortgage Adviser is likely to charge you on a single mortgage deal… as you may well know… or less if you account for what commission they will also get paid from the lender (which comes from where, do you think?)


And that’s the approximate Adviser Fee for just for one single mortgage!


You can’t use that single broker payment to get as many mortgages as you like, but you CAN use the Property Investor Pro™ information on getting the best from as many mortgage deals as you want to! NO LIMIT.



NOW does that sound more like good value for money?


However, as valuable as my course is, with its insider tricks, tips and shortcuts to saving many thousands of pounds, and not to mention saving countless hours of your precious life researching and networking to otherwise get this information…


…I really do want you to have it because I want you to reduce your mortgage outgoings and keep more money in YOUR pocket. (I will tell you another reason in just a moment.)


Well, it occurred to me that maybe you could still be a little unsure as to whether this course is really right for you, particularly in that you still might not want to risk even such a significantly reduced layout of your money… am I right?


Okay… well, if that’s the case then consider what I have for you below…



What about this?… As an even better offer.


An offer, guaranteed for today only… you can have everything I have outlined above on a low-risk monthly basis. One volume per month, which will also allow you to better absorb and apply the information in a bite-sized way.


So, I am offering everything mentioned in the full Property Investor ProTM Programme, for a monthly cash outlay of just £94. Also allowing you to cancel at any time, should you think you know better and can’t get many times that in value from the information you receive.


£94 is probably around the cost of a good evening meal with a bottle of half-decent wine for two in your favourite local restaurant.


Now, thinking back to the cost comparison as a meal for two… Well, with the money you will save from putting my advice into action, you won’t have to pay for the above mentioned meal for two ever again.


That is because the benefits of using the Property Investor Pro™ Programme information can pay for them for you, for a whole lifetime! Amongst many other things such as holidays, new cars, your hobbies, or whatever else you like to spend your spare cash on.


That all simply comes from saving and making additional cash for as long as you remain a property investor.


How long will I keep the price this low for? Only until I’m sure the course’s reputation for such quality information has got people knocking at my door for it! Then I’ll have to review this offer of course.


Maybe £147 or £197, or even £247 per month are still very fair prices for the value it is giving… that would be a total LESS than what people pay for just simple powerpoint presentations at one of the many property courses available but…


With this introductory monthly instalments plan, it is a cash outlay of just £94 a month to receive one new volume of 12 tips for the next 7 months. (Although I appreciated that for some of you that price alone would just be for the bottle of wine!).


Anyway, that’s Volumes 1,2 and 3 of BTL Mortgages Money Saver, Accelerator Module, followed by Volumes 1,2,3 and 4 of the BTL Mortgages Mastery, Kickstarter Module.

You get to conveniently spread the cost that way, and if you want to cancel your subscription at any time during the 7 month period… you can!


This price is all you will ever pay for this 7-Part Property Investor Pro series… No any licence fees to use it time and time again, nothing.


So, are you in? Ready to join me?


Or are you still not sure, even though I’ll be taking you by the hand and walking you through this money saving course step-by-step?


Want even more?


Okay, I’m also going to include 4 very useful bonuses to help you get started on benefitting from this valuable information straight away…and I can’t guarantee these bonuses will always be available. So take advantage while you can!


So take action today and I’ll include the following:


This first bonus is actually an up-front bonus, and you won’t see many of those out there! In other words I give you this one, even before you order!… I simply trust there will be no disappointment and you will continue through to ordering the full programme…


With this bonus, you will get access to the programme to check it out for a full month for one solitary pound. That’s all you will pay for access to the first Volume of the BTL Mortgages Money-Saver Accelerator Special Module… Simply use Discount Code PIP200 on ordering. Then you can decide if you want to continue…

N.B. This information alone will provide you with enough tips to quickly cover your total investment in the course… And then some!

We simply give you the time-limited discount code of PIP200 to get £93 discount from the normal price for the first month of the programme.

Order today, while the code is still active, to avoid disappointment.

Now this also means the whole programme costs £93 less, this now giving a revised total cash outlay for the whole programme of now just £565

This total will very likely be just a FRACTION of what costs you will pay for just one mortgage! And with this information you can learn how to lower those costs as well!

What’s more… this bonus even comes together with Bonus #2 below for the whole ‘trial’ month. All this included for just £1…


FREE Membership to BLT Mortgages

VIP Members Club

Now, as you already know, I also manage an insider VIP membership where you get direct contact with me and my team. Including professional mortgage adviser input should you want it (given by my approved investor-savvy advisers only!)


There is also the VIP area of the site for additional information that needs a special login permission to get access. This is also where you can access your course information on-line at any time.


Each VIP member pays a subscription of £47 a month for the privilege of this access alone. And, as you will find out, it’s worth every penny. You get it for free on the Programme, including in your first month for just One Pound!

For this bonus, with every volume of the Property Investor ProTM Programme you buy, I’ll give you a full month’s VIP Club Membership subscription absolutely FREE.

That means if you buy all 7 Volumes, you’ll get 7 month’s Free VIP Membership.


Hard Copy Issues of Each Volume

Printed, posted and delivered to you FREE!

(Sorry … this is for U.K. delivery addresses only.)

For each month’s instalment purchased, I will send out a hard copy. These hard copies are also workbook versions of each module, edited to allow you to make convenient notes for action, straight after reading.


Guaranteed for Today Only…It’s all yours at absolutely no additional cost! Not even a charge for postage and packing!

Simply supply your address with your order, if you to take advantage of this bonus offer.


Designed to help you apply the information quickly with each hardcopy available to hand at any time you need it, personalised with your notes.

Your hardcopy workbook for Volume One comes to you with Volume Two, when you stay on with the programme into the second month. Then you get each further hardcopy workbooks sent out for each month of the remaining programme.


Property Investor Pro™ Programme Membership Forever!

This means you will receive updates to any of the material you have purchased that needs updating over time.


That could include additional useful information or removal and replacement of old information that has been superseded over time.


Keeping you up to date with the very latest changes and opportunities. Don’t miss a trick!





You see, any costs of education in your business can be offset against income tax. If in any doubt, ask your tax adviser if you qualify. As a property investor, you should get this for sure. I have been doing this for years, which equates to discounts of around 40% on my property education.


Taking my personal example at 40% tax allowance, that makes the real out-of-pocket price of this course to someone like me of £57 per month (OK, and 60 pence for access to the first month’s training information)! That is about as close to FREE as you are going to get for all of this VALUE.



Now surely that really does make it a no brainer?


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I’ll even throw in a full, No Quibble, Guarantee too!… not for the first but for each monthly module of High Value tips and tricks!


I will send you the information to review BEFORE you pay for it… Take 48 Hours to Review it Before you are billed.

Simply cancel at any time you are not satisfied with what you receive from me.

Cancel but keep the information already given to you. Take this as a “Thank You”,  for your previous business.

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It is my job to give you the quality of information that means you won’t want to cancel… is that a deal?


Surely, I really can’t be any fairer than that!


I know, I know… I really must be a little bit crazy… but I did say I want you to have this and here’s the reason why…


I have made a very good life from property but in the beginning it was extremely difficult at times.


The mortgage lenders made it difficult for me and repayments were sometimes crippling. However, I fought back and found ways to get even.


Maybe you could be the same, and maybe you could also suffer at their hands…

In fact, I know some who became bankrupt merely as a result of not being able to escape the crippling rising interest rates, with no escape.

I wish I could have shared this information with them back then, but I did not know all this at that time. So I couldn’t help them unfortunately.


I found ways to get around the red tape, the small print and claw back what the lenders had craftily taken from me. Then I used this information on the offensive to take advantage of them.


I have no love for these people (nothing personal), but I have every admiration and respect for anyone involved in property investment because I know all about the potential problems and pitfalls.


So, now that I have found ways to save a heck of a lot more money, and therefore make more money, I simply want to share my secrets with you so that you too can keep more of your hard-earned cash too. And keep it away from the profits of the Fat Cat Bankers. Now I am getting my own back on them big style!


That’s my altruistic real reason (the one I alluded to earlier) for wanting to help you make more money from your property investments.


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Discount Code: PIP200


Just to remind you of what you will be getting…



Here is a Summary…


  • The BTL Mortgages Money-Saver Accelerator Special Module in Three separate bite-sized, low cost, monthly instalments.
  • The BTL Mortgages Mastery Kickstarter Special Module in Four separate bite-sized, low cost, monthly instalments.
  • Free Bonus #1: Access to the Programme for just £2 for the first month.
  • Free Bonus #2: Membership to the BLT Mortgages VIP Members Club.
  • Free Bonus #3: Hard copy study-version issues of each Volume, printed, posted, and with free delivery.
  • Free Bonus #4: Property Investor ProTM Programme Membership Forever! (Plus free updates).
  • Full Guarantee, keep your first month’s information and cancel later at anytime, no quibble.




    • Information that will enable you to save more money on your Buy To Let Mortgages than most property investors will ever do!
    • Information presented as SIMPLE TIPS and each with an Action Summary Checklist to put the tip into practice, to deliver the savings.
    • Extremely High-Value Tips and Tricks.
    • Insider Information from me and others, who have learned the hard way, so you don’t have to. Including how to own properties with absolutely none of your own money!
    • Loopholes that are often only discovered by investors much later in their property investment career (often when it is way too late!)
    • Information on how to do things right the first time, then benefit thereafter… month after month, year after year.
    • Information on how you can easily Save Thousands and Thousands! Putting big money in YOUR pocket.


A valuable investment in yourself, that will pay you back many times over for years to come.


All for the low cash outlay of just £94 a month (with the first month at discounted by £92 to just £2).


Ordering is Simple and Access is Immediate…


Simply click on the order ‘button’ below and fill out the payment details. You can set up payment either by credit or debit card, to suit yourself.


Once payment is made each month, the ebook version of the next Volume will be available to you immediately and you will get an instant email about this. The hardcopy study versions will be start to be posted out to you (if you are in the U.K. and if you want these), following your second payment instalment.


You will also get immediate access to me and the team through the VIP Members Club where you can get access to expert help available for any of your property financing challenges.


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Discount Code: PIP200



*** Remember!, I’m taking all the risk with my 30 day try before you “really buy” guarantee.



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Here’s to more money in YOUR pocket.



Peter J How



P.S. Remember! You keep the £94 worth of information you are given for just £1 at initial registration, using this will save more than the full cost of the entire course alone!

P.P.S. This offer might not be available tomorrow. I am already considering a review and reserve the right to change prices at any time. So get in today. Benefit from this introductory offer while you still can at this special low price.


*Use your time-limited Special Discount Code Now!*

Discount Code: PIP200