Dealing Direct with Lenders

It is also worth checking direct-to-lender deals because they may represent the current best deals available on-line. However, there might be better deals available only through financial advisors or mortgage brokers; some specialist lenders don’t deal direct with the public as they are not set up to manage their business this way.

Even if you plan to go direct to a lender, it is always good to ask a mortgage intermediary what deals they can find which might beat what you have found. If you do this, then don’t tell the intermediary the specifics of any good deals you have located already, just in case this could influence their response.

Some mortgage brokers or advisors, especially the larger ones, can have access to slightly cheaper rates than the lenders are advertising, as well as special deals such as valuation fee refunds and free legal fees for example. These advantages alone might make it a better deal than going direct to the lender! Therefore, do make a final check before you press the button to commit to going direct to a lender.