Mortgages and Intermediaries

Direct to Lenders

You won’t get any independent mortgage selection or investment advice going direct to lenders, whether it be one on the high street (unless you are using one of their IFAs of course as explained above) or one of the specialist buy-to-let lenders. They will simply just give you details on how their specific products work. Although they can offer some good deals, if you feel confident you can select your own mortgage to suit your particular requirements and personal circumstances.


You can find deals direct from lenders on the lender’s own internet websites, as well as on mortgage product comparison websites or click here or on the icon above for a start on this subject.

Mortgage Intermediaries

Mortgage Brokers and Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs) act as so-called intermediaries in that they are separate from the financial operators who lend the money, but rather they service them by processing their loan applications. As the name implies, intermediaries sit between you and the lender.  

Be aware though that some intermediaries are not specialists in dealing with buy-to-let mortgages so it is best to find an intermediary that is. Just because they can get you a buy-to-let mortgage does not mean they are specialists in that area!

Click here or on the icon above for a start on this subject.