Kickstarter Module

The Kickstarter Module consists of Four Volumes of Money Orientated Tips to get you more money back in your pocket, faster! It also helps to protect you from losing money by making you aware of what to protect and how to do it. Each Volume has a Dozen tips and each tip is summarised with an action plan recommendation to get the information working for you straight away!

The major topics as split into separate parts so you focus on one theme at a time and get the most from each area covered. Each tip is presented as concisely as possible to make it easy to understand. This means it is not like reading a book, but more like an instruction manual with the bare essentials of what you need to know at hand.

The focus is on Action! It’s all about getting the things done to deliver you the benefits as quickly as possible!

The BTL MORTGAGES MASTERY KICKSTARTER MODULE is what I have called this Special Module. This Module forms part of the monthly-subscription insider-information programme. That is the Property Investor Pro programme, and currently on SPECIAL OFFER!