High yield strategies

There is currently a prevailing focus on higher yielding investment strategies with buy-to-let that provides a considerable net yield. However, these then often require more work in maintaining the running of the property portfolio. Typically, this involves a higher turnover of tenants when renting out rooms with Houses in Multiple Occupation or running Serviced Accommodation for the short term (typically just days or a few weeks).

This then becomes less of a so-called passive income and more of an actively earned income, unless you can afford to pay someone else to take on this increased property management activity. There are other ways to get very high yields but these are the most common ones and the most accessible with the most training available in the market. Currently these are hot topics amongst the property community.

However, it can also include what is often known as the LHA Strategy where properties are let to benefit claimants at the best possible rates with ideal household make up. There is additional investment in time with this strategy in finding the ideal make-up of the household to maximise the housing benefit that can be claimed.

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