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All About Buy To Let Mortgages

tells you all you need to know about getting the best from using buy-to-let mortgages to buy UK investment property. Whether you want to buy one property or many (even growing it to a considerable property empire), the choice is yours when you know how to find the best mortgage deals offering cheap property-finance. By remortgaging, you can recycle your deposit money to use on your next buy-to-let investment, and then rinse and repeat as many times as you want. There is no need to worry about how much deposit money you have, as this won’t necessarily limit you.

To help you find the best mortgage deals, by market search and mortgage comparison, you can use mortgage brokers or mortgage advisors and this book shows you how to choose the right broker or advisor to get you the best mortgage advice.  However, you will still need to know how to expertly compare mortgages, and this book informs you about that as well.

Areas covered in the book, amongst many others, include:

  • Correctly using buy-to-let mortgage calculators to fairly compare mortgages
  • Understanding the full costs of taking out a mortgage or  carrying out a remortgage
  • How to best use the popular interest-only mortgages and avoid the pitfalls
  • Understanding the terminology used by your mortgage broker or mortgage advisor
  • Going direct to lenders to access their best mortgage deals not available elsewhere
  • Using more than just the best mortgage interest rates to expertly compare mortgages
  • Finding the best mortgage deals to suit your own specific requirements
  • How changes in taxation affects how you get the best from using buy-to-let mortgages
  • Paying the mortgage deposit money and other completion costs
  • Understanding how national interest rates affect mortgage costs, helping you save money
  • Choosing the best kind of mortgage, including variable, tracker, and fixed rate mortgages
  • Methods of repayment of the mortgage loan capital, to give you full property ownership
  • Equity release and how best to use it in property investment to reinvest and keep costs low
  • Understanding loan-to-value and rental income cover ratios to get the largest loans
  • Buying and profiting from un-mortgageable properties by making these mortgageable
  • Understanding various mortgage criteria and how this affects the mortgages you can get
  • Using a mortgage decision-in-principle to secure property purchases quickly


In fact, it presents all the essentials you will need to know to become proficient in the area of using buy-to-let mortgages to give you cheap property-finance.

peter j how author
Peter J How - Author of 'All About Buy To Let Mortgages'

About The Author

Peter J How has been investing in property using buy-to-let mortgages for over 13 years. He has built up a UK portfolio of 40 properties in the North of England, these are financed by nearly three million pounds of buy-to-let mortgage money. He still runs his property portfolio on a part-time basis, and is now keen to share the information that has enabled him to successfully build and finance such a property portfolio. This has all been done using very little of his own money, and whilst continuing to work in full-time employment.