Crowd Funding

There are opportunities to purchase without lending money from any bank or finance company by going down the crowd funding route. Depending on the project nature and size, this might be the most appropriate choice. There are crowd funding websites dedicated to property projects.

In some ways, however, crowd funding operates similar to the joint venture arrangement discussed in the book. The difference being that you are dealing with a crowd of individuals that have all contributed to the project. They have probably contributed in varying degrees, but the total must add up to the figure that you have said that you need for the project.

In order to get crowd funding you will need to register with a suitable site and enter the details of your project to raise the money required for the project. If you succeed in generating enough financial interest up to the point of reaching the required amount of funding, you will be awarded the finance subject to the contract and security that has to be put in place to protect the investors.

More details about this are presented in the book.

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