Creative finance

More creative ways of purchasing, that include the vendor contributing to the financing in some way, could be acceptable for cash purchases, as long as you can find the solicitors to make sure a deal happens correctly. It is really up to your own creativity as you are using cash to make the purchase and no further questions will be asked, as long as there is no money laundering issues of course! To avoid such issues you just have to prove that the source of any cash is bona fide.

This is commonly used in property deals where the vendor is willing to work with you. This could arise when they might be in a very motivated situation to reach a sale for whatever reason. In such cases, you can create such arrangements known as lease-options where you take control of the property, then carry out the works required to fix it up and make it suitable for mortgaging. You then exercise the option to purchase the property from the vendor using a mortgage.

There are of course risks involved in this and you have to make sure the lease-option contract is a tight one in case the vendor decides to contest it later. There are specialist lease-option lawyers in the U.K. dealing with this area and you should make sure you at least use such a specialist if you are going to go down this route.

This is a subject that is worthy of further study and something to add to your armoury of investment strategies. There are property courses available that cover this as well as the more conventional approaches to purchasing property.

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