peter j how authorFor anyone needing to contact me, the author, about the book or website and resources, please use the email address contact@peterjhow.com

Due to my busy schedule, please allow 24 hours during the working week for a response to your email, although I will endeavour to answer quicker than this if at all possible.

The email address of contact@peterjhow.com is also the one to use for all media enquiries including TV, radio, and print.

If you would like to obtain copies of the book or any resources in bulk at a discount, perhaps to give away to your clients, colleagues, or employees, then please indicate the number of copies that you think you will require and I will make an appropriate proposal to you.

I am also happy to receive any constructive comments and suggestions for future alterations to the book, website or resources, where this will make the information presented even better.

Of course, the amount of information included has to be carefully controlled to make sure that the subject matter is easily understandable and not something that will confuse people. Please don’t be disappointed if you make some positive suggestions, then later I decide that these are not suitable for inclusion in future. I can assure you that I value all feedback and treat any improvement suggestions very seriously.

For those readers who are also property experts in their own particular field, and would like to discuss a co-publishing deal with me, please send an outline of your expertise for consideration at the email address given above. I would be happy to consider any suggestions for possible inclusion as a subject in the Property Investing Series.

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