peter j how authorI wrote the book and provided the website and resources as someone who needed mortgages in order to invest in property. In fact, I had only £5000 in the bank, which was not enough to start out in buy-to-let (BTL). However, by using mortgage money, I have been able to go on to buy 40 properties in the last 14 years. This would have been more apart from the world financial crisis we had when mortgage lending availability, as a result, was reduced drastically for a period immediately afterwards. All the money in these properties is mortgaged money, so I have learnt to use the U.K. mortgage finance system in quite an advanced way to achieve this.

The content of the book, website and resources are based on the author’s personal experience and knowledge of property investing in England. Very similar practices to those in England are also used in the rest of the U.K., although there are sometimes slight variations in each particular country due to legislation, of which you will become aware, but the principles are the same.

If you are new to property investing and in need of finance, then by reading the book, website and resources provided you will soon be way ahead of those who are just going to learn by experience. In doing so, you will be able to communicate better with either the lender (if you go direct to them) or your mortgage broker or advisor, if you are to use a mortgage intermediary service. By being able to have a more meaningful conversation with these people, you are more likely to get what you want and get the best and most suitable mortgage deal in the process.

Studying the information provided and gaining a good understanding of the buy-to-let mortgaging processes will pay off financially for you in the end. Just learning by doing in anything financial almost always turns out to be expensive! For sure we learn from our mistakes, however, it is much better to learn from the knowledge of others who have gone before us and made mistakes and discoveries which they can share to our benefit.

There is, maybe unsurprisingly, very little information available direct from both lenders and mortgage brokers fully explaining the U.K. mortgaging system. Of the information that can be found, often in the form of short guides, I have found these very selective in what they present and there are many gaps in this information. I can understand that maybe those offering the financial services need to be careful in what they tell you. After all, they are in the market of selling financial products that make them money, rather than saving you money while you shop for their mortgage products!

As a final motivator to study this subject, please note that probably more savings are possible on the finance costs over the full term of a mortgage than finding a property at the best bargain price! Why not intend to do both? This book, website and resources will equip you with all you need to know to get started in using buy-to-let mortgages effectively in your property investment journey, as well as buying the right kinds of properties at the right prices.