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Have you got your copy of the best-selling Buy To Let Mortgages book yet?

Author Peter J How has packed years of his experience into a single and powerful book detailing exactly what it takes to create a multi-million pound buy-to-let property portfolio, and entirely using BTL mortgage money. All done in your spare time!

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This book companion website adds even more value to the book making it the perfect combination for your Buy To Let Mortgage investment guide. Links from the book are in the areas listed below…


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High Yield Strategies

How to get that maximum return on your buy-to-let property – learn from the experts!  Click here or on the image above for more information.


Suggestions on where to put your money at the times it is not needed for investment. Generate the best returns and make your money work!  Click here


Click here or on the image above to access essential buy to let insurance products to protect your BTL investments.


How to get surveys done on prospective property purchases – to get additional information and make an informed decision.  Click here or on the image above to read more.

See Below for More Book Companion Support Links: Further Information

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Mortgage Finance

Using Mortgage Intermediaries or accessing lender mortgages direct from the lender.

To learn more click here

Bridging Finance

One very successful and common way to quickly raise purchase finance on non-mortgageable (or even mortgageable) property is to apply for a bridging loan.  Click here or on the image above to gain an insight on how this could work for you.

Crowd Funding / Joint Ventures

An increasingly popular way of raising funds is to use crowd funding.  This is where many people who will make a financial pledge in exchange for profit or equity.

Joint ventures is another advantageous means to raise finance or finds a partner if you are time poor.

Click here or on the image above to read more

Creative Finance

Creative Finance includes the use of mortgages and other means of financing property acquisitions not discussed in the book. Click here or on the image above for some expert sources and training options in the wider are of Creative Finance for investment property purchases.

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